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Please visit our support website;

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We’re all technical and approachable; no matter how silly or how serious your question: we’ve probably heard it before.

We can help with almost any technical problem you could think of, and some management problems too;

Desktop support - laptops and servers too - Windows and Mac

Infrastructure planning

Wifi troubleshooting

Cloud solutions – public and private

Some of our clients still like to be able to look at their server rack every morning, others are moving to cloud solutions.

We understand the different ways, costs and benefits of connecting people to the internet.

We're happy talking to people about connecting their new phone to email...

Supporting London based offices in conjunction with head office techies based overseas and...

Managing internal technical resources – reporting to the board, taking part in planning and budget meetings

Unless you’re really itching to sign a long agreement we won’t need you to. We’re happy to be judged on our performance each and every month not the strength of our contract.

England Green

IT support for creative businesses, professionally delivered with a nice cup of tea on the side. If you have an IT problem that needs solving please get in touch, we are happy to chat.



A large proportion of our clients find us through word of mouth and recommendations;

I have to admit that all things IT confuses me completely. Thankfully I have had the pleasure of working with England Green for many years. They've always been on hand to demystify my IT world.
- ANNA VALENTINE, founder www.annavalentine.com

England Green have the can do attitude that is rare in a supplier. I have worked with them for over 20 years which speaks volumes.
- JON JEFFREY, founder www.bibliothequedesign.com

We have worked with England Green since early 2013. In that time we have opened up several new office locations in central London. Each site has opened on schedule and more importantly, on budget. England Green continues to support our core site infrastructure with efficiency, leaving me to get on and run my business.
- PIER PAOLO MUCELLI, founder www.eoffice.net

Holden House, 4th Floor, 57 Rathbone Pl, London W1T 1JU